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Anita Campbell

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

We small business owners have long been the kings and queens of do-it-yourself solutions.  When we are starting out, we have more time than money.  As startups we focus on do-it-yourself solutions because we cannot afford to pay others to do for us — yet.

Later, as our businesses grow, we start hiring staff and outsourcing work to outside providers. Even so, we’re likely to continue doing a lot of work ourselves because it makes economic sense and because by nature many small biz owners are hands-on and like it that way.

So it should come as no surprise that asked for our wish list for 2011, small biz owners put on the list “more education” and a desire for more tools to run our businesses.

This information came out as part of the Google Wishes initiative. Late last year, Google asked small business owners and entrepreneurs to “share our 2011 aspirations.”

The results are in, and they paint a picture of business owners who are serious about growing and improving their businesses, and looking for tools and assistance to make it happen.

First, we business owners love online technology, and want more features. Seventy-six percent (76%) wanted more features from online tools. Also, according to Leslie Hernandez, Product Marketing Manager, Google Small Business Team, the small business owners who responded ” … acknowledged that referrals are now happening online through social media channels and, as such, you want to understand how to use these online tools. You also want more out of your websites. Ultimately, you said you want to do more online to run your business more efficiently and spend more time concentrating on your customers.”

Another thing on the wish list: more education, as well as help to get our businesses started. In other words, we small business owners know that we need more knowledge if we’re to run our businesses more efficiently and effectively.

There’s a lot more that small biz owners want.  Read the full write-up at the Google Small Business Blog.
(Article courtesy of SmallBizTrends)

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