Lisa Garcia: Keeping up with an Ever-Changing Market

Press release from the issuing company

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Technology has changed considerably over the past twenty years, just as the marketing approach continues to evolve.  The hard sell of the 1980s and the 30-second emotional punch of the 1990s have given way to a new style of advertising that define the 2000 era: promotional advertising and social media networking.  Lisa Garcia of Advertising with Lisa, an Albany, Georgia company, explains the appeal of promotional products.

“Promotional products keep your company name in your clients face,” she comments.  “If you attach a unique item to your business, they will always remember you.”  Garcia proceeds to criticize traditional advertising venues as “non-permanent…but an ad specialty item is something [clients] can hold, use, share and wear.”

Popular promotional items include clocks, hats, award trophies, cameras and calendars, though Garcia states that her company serves as distributor for over 850,000 items not counting custom-made garments.  In addition to creating custom products, the business also handles house screen-printing, embroidery, engraving, graphic arts and lamination.

These are items people use every day.  The key to networking is sharing first and reaping the benefits later.  Promotional advertising, therefore, deftly makes the sale by providing a useful item and branding it for quick identification.  Not only do small businesses use promotional advertising services, but churches, schools and other non-profit organizations also find uses for these items.

Networking and promotional items are closely linked together.  Garcia believes that networking is important because it “gets and keeps your name out there.”  Whereas a TV ad lasts for 30 seconds, and costs a fortune, a promotional item can be worn indefinitely while networking and serve as a name-branding reminder to the general public.

Garcia, who maintains a website that details her extensive catalog of products, is also fond of social media marketing, the next evolution in modern advertising.  “Social networking is great because it lets you learn of happenings around town.  You get to meet someone who will tell you, ‘You did my sisters wedding invitations, so I told my niece to go see you.’”

Accepting the evolution of advertising is especially important to smaller businesses that are struggling to maintain cash flow.  Even if smaller companies cannot afford to buy expensive radio or TV spots, they can certainly afford to investigate social media marketing.  The aim of social media marketing is not to sell, but rather, to mingle with the public.  This way, a company can establish authority and reach a full network of potential customers when they are ready to buy.  Little wonder then that celebrities, CEOs, small business owners and websites are creating their own Face Book, Twitter and MySpace pages.

Garcia states that keeping up with technology is truly the biggest challenge of the new 2000 decade.  “Technology has changed and that helps us serve our clients even better. There are also so many more choices out there, so now is the time to focus on being a friendly service.”  The owner of Advertising with Lisa goes on to relate that good pricing and “being a one-stop shop” are also important to making the personal connection with clients.

Albany, Georgia, with a population nearing 77,000 residents, is witnessing its own change in the economy.  While historically this city of southern charm profited from agricultural markets, recently, Albany has expanded into manufacturing, transportation and retail trade.  The city also serves as a hub for commerce in all of southwest Georgia.

Garcia warns small business owners that now is not the time to cut advertising expenses—rather, it’s time to refocus the direction.  “A company that doesn't advertise will soon be advertising to sell or close. People are nervous about the economy.  Your customers need to know that you are strong and that you can weather the storm.  They want to know that you will be here five years from now to serve them again.”

Now is the time for businesses to get the word out across Albany and to go wherever people are meeting.

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